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February 28, 2019

Press Esc to abort or exit from this utility. The Global Properties option allows you to pause if an alert message has been displayed, to set Display and Video modes, negotiate with devices, and support interrupts. The horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear here. We experienced several disks failure on MPT SAS controllers and mpt-status always reported the failure and status changes. Here is an example:

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Use this function key to set cursor context to the menu selection area, select a menu item, and press Enter. The Boot Adapter List option shows the adapter boot order.

This area provides static general help text information. Then exit to continue the boot process. Specifies the maximum data width in bits. These can be considered hardware failures.

The Global Properties option allows you to pause if an alert message has been displayed, to set Display and Video modes, negotiate with devices, and support interrupts. See prtconf 1M verbose option for details on viewing the mpt properties. Indicates whether to pause for user acknowledgement after displaying an alert message during boot.


T and such 4. Check the PCI device. Low-level formatting will completely and irreversibly erase all data on the drive.

UNIX man pages : mpt (7)

The default value is 20 seconds. The video mode setting zcsi be either color or monochrome. To view and modify the selected adapter’s properties and gain access to the attached devices, press Enter. This section provides the menu formats and user inputs available to inform all users about this utility prior to running it. The scsi-tag-age-limit property is ignored by mptregardless of controller or devices type.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

This feature is configured with the mpxio-disable property in the mpt. Two settings are allowed: Since some changes only take effect after your system reboots, you must exit from this configuration utility properly. To low-level format a device, press Enter. By default, tagged-qingauto-rqsenseand wide-xfer capabilities are disabled, while disconnect, synchronous, and untagged-qing are enabled.

In the following example, the timeout is disabled for unit 4 and mph to two minutes for unit 4, Queue Tags Indicates whether to allow the use of queue tags for a device.

The Global Properties option allows changes to global scope settings. These capabilities can only have binary values 0 or 1.


The Device Properties option allows you to view and update individual device settings dcsi an adapter. Indicates whether to scan for LUNs greater than zero for a device. Auto means that the adapter can automatically determine whether it should enable or disable its termination.

Pause When Boot Alert Displayed. Specifies the maximum amount of time [] in seconds to wait for a SCSI operation to complete.


This option sets the default value for synchronous and wide negotiations with specified devices. The above sets scsi-options for target 1 to 0x Set this option to No if there is a device that you do not want to be sczi to the system. Press Enter to execute an item’s associated function. The default value for qfull-retries is 10, while the default value for qfull-retry-interval npt After periodic interval scsi-watchdog-tickthe mpt driver searches through all current and disconnected commands for timeouts.