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February 28, 2019

Topic Stats 25 posts 9 Pinsiders participating Latest reply 3 years ago by barakandl Topic is favorited by 24 Pinsiders. You can use a FM sized ram on system 11B and system 11C. You now have no batteries to constantly replace or leak. Next, I unsoldered the old RAM. Linked Games No games have been linked to this topic. I will be adding more products and post circuit boards i have for sale here as well. You will lose your high scores and sound settings, so be prepared to spend a few minutes reprogramming the game.

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I hope to add Gottlieb System 80 support as well.

This board looked to be almost a total virgin, only the battery pack had been removed and a remote battery connector had been installed. Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace. Note that Pin 1 on the board is marked with a small numeral. There have been 12 images uploaded to this topic. Safe Cracker Pinball – Rom Upgrade. I will be adding more products and post circuit boards i have for sale here as well. Batman 66 Sewer Magnet Protector.

Clean up any battery corrosion before going further, as it keeps corroding the board, even after the batter is gone. If things get going, I may look into other options that will let me ship internationally without the headache of going to the post office. This page was optimised for printing. I have them available on my website.


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Thank you, Andrew http: Great to see you’re enjoying Pinside! I can’t see reason why anyone would purchase the more expensive alternatives that are on the market, anypin NVRAM. Thanks for putting this together. The module should be marked with PIN 1 somewhere on it, so people don’t mess it up hopefully the next batch of circuit boards corrects this omission. If these start selling well, i will be able to order larger batches of blank PCBs and have the silk screen included.

$14 NVRAM Battery Eliminator Module – Vid’s Review | Tech: Early solid state |

Dual wipe means that the socket makes contact on both the front and rear of the IC legs. Now that I am using the modified header pins setup there is plenty of space around the 2w resistor and the temps are well within operating range of the RAMTRON chip. Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? Due to the solder used in assembly and how usps international shipping works, I am only able to offer international shipping through eBay’s global shipping program.


Do not mount it backwards. Next, I unsoldered the old RAM.

I have other goodies on my website too Here is a Bally board. You can use it to troubleshoot another game. The RAM chip is directly above and to the left of lid battery. The adapter board allows the chip to be installed in the RAM footprint. Lift from lmd side, then the other. If this resistor is burnt looking, replace it now with an 82ohm 2w, and make sure you mount it off the board with lots of air space around it.

Vid received one of my first prototypes.

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Iron Maiden Guitar Pick Shooter. In an earlier post, I explained how to replace the RAM and eliminate the risky batteries for latter model pins:.

These are the pins that will be inserted into the RAM socket. You should get one quick flash, followed by 6 flashes if everything is good.