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July 5, 2019

This version featured IntelliEye optical tracking technology, eliminating the need for a mouse ball or mousepad. If you aren’t hot on Logitech’s teardrop shape, then this is the mouse for you. But if you want ergonomics that approach perfection and a multidirectional scroll button without the outlay of the wireless mouse, then go for it. Apple UK confirms iPod add-ons launch. Also, the results were a bit worse than I had anticipated.

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The Choice Of Weapons. The cool news about the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.

I am sure that Microsoft will update the software and in the process add gaming functionality, but for now it is inrellimouse a perfect gamer’s mouse. You can set the horizontal scroll speed just like you can the vertical scroll. In Mouse Systemsowned by KYE sinceproduced the world’s first mouse with a scroll wheel.

I didn’t encounter too may sites with which I had to use the Tilt Wheel technology. In the other titles the button either didn’t show up at all or, more commonly, was recognized as Left Mouse or Right Mouse.


I found the buttons too distant to be of real use during gaming. Better With The Driver Page Retrieved 22 November Incidentally, if I can find a comprehensive list of games that work with the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4. Microsoft went with a clean-looking silver and black case for the IntelliMouse Explorer 4.


This was disappointing to me. Materials And Colors Page This is the wired version of the previous mouse and that is really the only difference between them.

No Wires And No Lag. Logitech took a more daring route when it unveiled the teardrop-shaped MX mice. Apple UK confirms iPod add-ons launch. However, I can imagine some very useful applications, e.

IntelliMouse Explorer Review – IGN

This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat Two scallops run up from the buttons up to the top of the mouse. Views Read Intellimouwe View history.

Microsoft The Power Saver. But unlike the vertical scroll, the horizontal is not a gradual scroll.


Microsoft USB Model 1004 IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 Optical Mouse

In fact, the only game in which I could use all the buttons was UT So for the ergonomics and features, just read what we said about the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer. Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors Page 4: You can find it well under MSRP with a small amount of effort. Microsoft The Power Saver Page 7: As for straight optical performance, the IntelliMouse Explorer intelllimouse.

I also learned that you can only use the thumb buttons if you have them programmed to certain commands. Double-click is a popular command. This article related to Microsoft is a stub. The two main buttons are somewhat large. Terratec Razer Boomslang Page