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July 6, 2019

I am at a loss as to how to disassemble the keyboard to actually get at the mylar sheet with the tracings on it, but that one little spot is semi-accessible without taking it any further apart. It only works when preceded by a character “prep” macro. This model works correctly in normal mode under Windows 7. If I can’t come up with another AnyKey, this may be a workable solution. No driver software is required to use the AnyKey’s programming functionality, as the keyboard’s own controller dictates which keypress codes are sent to the attached computer.

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Gateway Laptop Replacement Keyboards. Any anykeg key on the keyboard including letters, numbers, arrow keys, and even special keys like modifiers such as Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Enter, and the Space Bar can be programmed. I’ll try and pick up a couple of them, but I’m hoping someone here will have one lovingly stored in its original box for the last 20 years or so The cut trace can be repaired by filling in the hole with conductive ink from a silver microtip conductive pen or possibly with copper paint from a rear-window defroster repair kit from an automobile supply store.

I am also using it with a new Dell with a ps2 to USB adaptor. I stumbled upon a wonderful story on Gateway AnyKey – Wikipedia. Please login or register. Advanced search bounce or buckle? A sixth version is very similar to the fifth, but the stamped model number is changed to XX-XXX.


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I have been using Anykey keyboards for years. When I press this key, the sequence is sent, which “manually” opens the yateway [c], specifies the mute action [m], specifies that it should apply to all tracks with vo anywhere in their name kejboard vo ], and then sends the Enter key. This model works correctly in normal mode under Windows 7. Surprisingly, he has no trouble down here even when the temperatures go up into the 90’s.

Physical relocation of keytops should be done with caution as the slope of the keytops is raked into three pairs of rows, e. Users browsing this forum: Clearing all programming corrected the problem, but later programming again caused the problem. The specific problem is: Pressing Suspend Macro again relights the Program light and restores the macros to all programmed keys.

Wait — I know what I’ll do: Inside, this version’s controller board is longer and narrower with a slightly different layout than previous keyboarv. Remapping, and macro programming.

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It only had a USB ports. Do you know some tools or drivers for it? Probably the repair pens for car rear window defrosters would work too. Attached is a low-res picture to give you the idea; I have emailed the high-res version to you directly. It feels very familiar. This thing, for a plastic keyboard, weighs a ton. Laptop Replacement Keyboards for Gateway. An Anykey that has been serviced undoubtedly has some of its date and model information destroyed.


I am also a lover of the old Anykey keyboard. The only problem that arose was a sticking “Alt” key, and a single drop of teflon lubricant fixed that.

Any key on the keyboard can be programmed to contain a macro of arbitrary length or can be programmed to act like any other key on the keyboard remapped.

As with the version 2’s, this keyboard must be programmed by holding control while pressing Program Macro. This membrane is backed by a metal plate approximately a sixteenth of an inch thick which serves to hold the membrane rigid and in place as well as giving the keyboard considerable heft.

Still seems weird to me Windows hasn’t adopted an easier method. I have three additional AnyKeys coming from eBay, two in working order, one for parts, so it looks like I’ll be well keybkard for macro capability for the next few years, as long as any computer I have uses PS2 keyboard input.