March 19, 2019

This page will try to explain, in simple language, all the technical terms you will encounter in DOS memory management, and provide you with practical information to get your favorite games and programs running. It is often easier to make a small modification to your config. This will always give you the possibility of starting the computer by inserting the floppy diskette in drive A: June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Other files that should be copied to the boot diskette are: Some graphic cards I have seen also use bb7ff, so this very last optimization might not work for you. In my configuration all drivers are loading “high”.

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These drivers are provided with doss Sound Blaster 16 soundcard. This will always give you the possibility of starting the computer by inserting the floppy diskette in drive A: That means that files written to the hard disk will not be written immidiately, but rather when either the cache is full or when smartdrive thinks it would be a good time to do so.

Paint Shop Pro 3. Scrambling the hardware interrupt table is a great way to blow up your system. Select Speicherbelegung and you can browse through your lower 1MB memory and explore the installed programs and tables.

If the Upper Memory in the address interval C to EFFF is unbroken, it should now, depending on the memory requirements for the CD-ROM and Mouse drivers, be possible to load all drivers and resident programs in Upper Memory, giving approximately Kb free memory can be checked with the command: Note that you can not load Himem or Emm “high” as these two programs provide the option to load other programs high.


But of course it is hidden, system and protected, so at first we have to set some proper attributes: Because of the smaller clustersize used by FAT32, there is no longer the same need for harddisk partitioning in order of reducing the amount of wasted disk space.

Extended memory

Perhaps you have had or still have those problems. If there are problems starting the computer, then as from DOS version 6. The memory above 1MB can be configured in three different ways. With modern operating systems, all memory management you need to do is installing enough RAM. The next line is perhaps the most important line in your config. So cdrom is first followed by eansi. This option enables the startup picture, so I disabled it.

This program can be run from time to time too. Back to Windows Forum 2 total posts Page 1 of 1. Everyone owns the smartdrive program. Sms does this lead to the program blowing up and corrupting memory?

Only when compiling large programs or when copying, deleting, compressing, moving many small files smartdrive has it’s use. This frame has to be located somewhere.

Use the corresponding files in the DOS directory instead. BAT is searched for, and the lines herein are executed, if this file exists. On x86 -based PCs, extended memory is only available with an Intel processor or higher. If he xmd working with Blood here, then just setting EMM Daily use of defrag is surely overkill.


Also please exercise mms best judgment when posting in the forums–revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. Additional hardware like mass storage controllers, network adapters A sound blaster 16 and a gravis ultrasound. Even if you only want on configuration it does not hurt to enable this option.

This option is valid for windows too.

Extended xms Memory (DOS Prompt Memory) – TechRepublic

Normally windows wants to handle its size, but we all know, that windows is not very clever in doing so. In DOS memory managementextended memory refers to memory above the first megabyte 2 20 bytes of address space in an Xmw PC or compatible with an or later processor.

If you type mode co80 and press enter you will get the classic command prompt.