April 3, 2019

I use my set-top cable converter box instead of running my old VCR and wearing out tapes while testing. When evaluating recorded video for frame drops, beware of drops caused by the video player. Or ffplay and avplay. With the video apps that come with Ubuntu Valid -preset settings are:

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Updated the drivers and software and the pilot light comes on now but not the recording light. The Win 7 software is a good idea but freezes the computer. Recording the videos was also easy through the software interface that comes with the product.

Hauppauge WinTV USB-Live2 – video capture adapter – USB Overview – CNET

It was very helpful in the TV software package to go through and delete all channels except the one that you are using; this saves time adjusting a channel once it is up and going. With the video apps that come with Ubuntu haulpauge Quite a bit of documentation can be hauppaube from the command line.

One is known as “ffmpeg”, the other is “libav”. Simple system with not one problem. If you have the wrong standard set, you will likely get no video at all since the USB-Live2 won’t be able to make any sense out of the incoming video signal. Or is the Linux driver handling errors poorly?


For me, it’s NTSC. I didn’t install any of the included software. This should give ffmpeg priority over the machine if some other unexpected process comes to life e. Slow the video player down to make sure you are seeing the actual recorded video.

Somehow, Linux’s implementation appears to be in “DV Out” mode to the camcorder and takes priority over the analog ins, thus defeating pass-through mode. If you are digitizing your old video tapes, Use gaming mode to elliminate the 3 second delay that makes it hard to sync up your start and stop points with WinTV. With vlc, sometimes it works fine, other times it stops at random points without warning.

We can use v4l2-ctl to configure the device for NTSC like this:. This will increase the size of the final video file. TS files but desktop VLC has no problem with them.

As for visual quality – The results look better to me than when I was using the ilink cable – much to my pleasant surprise. Again, this is most likely the ffmpeg’s fault, and might be addressed in the future.

I need to expand this section a bit. Make sure this matches the USB-Live2’s video standard setting or else frames may be dropped. When I plug the presenter into this device, the video has some horizontal sync problem. We are using it to capture s-video composite is also an option output from a medical imaging device; it is much higher quality capture than our old Dazzle Fusion capture device.


I purchased it to be able to get live video into a PC to be shared during a conference from a Samsung Presenter.

Be the first to review this item. The only snag I’ve run into is with the audio track being mangled when the video is particularly unstable.

Hauppauge WinTV USB-Live2 – video input adapter – USB 2.0 Series

You might be able to plug things in such that the USB-Live2 has its own bus. Other random hahppauge to consider. They are very closely related as libav is a branch of ffmpeg.

Is the hardware having trouble with the signal? See any errors on this page? That didn’t work – apparently there was an issue with the chipset hauppaugr.

The image is a bit soft.