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November 18, 2019

Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? By default it will start fullscreen. To fix it, replace the while loop of WISInput. A patch not tested on Gentoo , is available here: The driver crashed during the initialization of the ALSA sound input. I wrote a very simple little frontend to gorecord that can be found here: For a detailed outline of the errors attempting to load the drivers, see this thread:

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plextor convertx, FC4 and go driver problems

Before starting with those though, first set up your current kernel so it has all the necessary drivers included. The next setup will be in mythfrontend. Because of the filesize limitation by the old gorecord program, you can’t make really long recordings that are stored in one big avi file. Leave comments, suggestions and lonux reports on the Talk page.

Which basically means it’s not encoded as theora or using some other non-proprietary video codec. Select the ConvertX option. Once you’re done, bo7007 should be able to back up to the main menu and watch Live TV just fine!

CONFIG_VIDEO_GO7007: Go 7007 support

This is the same problem as the last one and the fix is similar. This shouldn’t be needed anymore when using the new version of gorecord because there llnux no longer is a filesize limit. In addition, the next test in wis-streamer fails to find the emulated OSS device node.


Untar the tarball, and go into the wis-golinux To use the most recent revision of 2. Contents 1 Intro 2 Driver Versions 3 Installation 3.

Plextor PXA dvd burning problems. Views Read View source View history. If when you plug in the device it isn’t recognized, the dmesg command will say something like this:. Here’s the easy way to get this script working The script contains some more troubleshooting info:. Retrieved lonux ” http: We can then put the files back together again into one big avi using mencoder. On the second page, set the width to and leave the height to The latest version of the kernel modules v0.


Up to date diffs for compiling to the latest kernels currently 2. You should see at least these two options: The defaults for video and vbi device should be fine.

The canonpath points to an actual subdir of gopath. Problems with Plextor Go70007. Here is the output when I plug the device in: This is especially useful if your audio card is not predictably discovered. USB disconnect, address 2 May 21 For default input, set it to Tuner if you are using a coaxial cable cable tv to connect to your Plextor.


Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_VIDEO_GO_USB: Go USB support

To solve that problem, just add alsasound to boot instead of default and coldplug to default startup, and they will load in the proper order:. Playback is a bit kinux because the video is encoded to a so called “proprietary” format mpeg Privacy policy About nikosapi. For each one of these options, you will need to change the default width and height or you will not be able to record or watch TV correctly.

USB disconnect, address 8 May 21 Adding the following to your udev local rules file will create a predictable symbolic link for your audio device.